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I don't just want to look for a job, but find something that is right long-term.
I want a career.




Welcome To The Military Children's Leadership Development & Financial Reality Fair 

The Military Children’s Leadership Development & Financial Reality Fair will help to guide and prepare your understanding of what you need, what you may be looking for, and how your strengths, competencies, and experiences help you have the impact you desire. 

Financial Reality

The Financial Reality Fair is a simulation of an adult's financial life that allows participants to experience making financial decisions and managing money. Participants can experience managing an account at a financial institution, making money-related decisions, obtaining a loan, managing debt, and more. For individuals, a financial reality fair can be an eye-opening, exciting, and fun way to build financial knowledge and skills.


Leadership Development Career Workshops

The Leadership Development component at the fair will focus on careers. During these workshops, participants will gain a clearer path to career success. Participants will learn more about their top talents as well as strategies and techniques to use for identifying, applying for, and successfully launching a new career. The workshops will use a blend of developmental approaches including lectures, self-reflection, self-awareness, small group discussions as well as action planning. They are condensed and fast-paced sessions that will cover the 4 main areas of the process using a blend of information, reflection, exploration, discussion, and action setting designed to be a complement to careers, and an introduction to industry careers.

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